The Character Traits of a Great Teacher

Today I see the value in teaching. Today I have nothing but respect for teacher! I have had some tough teachers, some easy-going teachers, and some who were right in the middle. The most memorable teacher was tough on students because, I believe, he fully understood what it’s like to be a out there working in your desired field.

What Makes a Great Teacher

Great teachers prepare well-defined content, hold high expectations, give thoughtful assignments and projects.

  • A great teacher really wants you to know what it’s like to go to work.
  • They want you to create integrity for your work, to be great at it and also because you’ll one day become a colleague, working in an industry they respect.
  • They are someone that does things right, no matter what. No shortcuts. Ever.
  • They care. They genuinely care for you and your success.
  • They give honest feedback, recommendations and criticism.
  • They treat you with dignity and respect, and like an equal.

This makes a great teacher.

Teachers Are Learners Too

Great teachers are patient with you so have patience with them. They are working with many students, with all different types of backgrounds, religious beliefs, cultural beliefs, economic status and learning abilities. It takes time to build relationships, so have patience as they discover your character traits, your abilities, and how you shine! Once they figure it all out, they will do everything within their power to help you succeed.

They are learners too. They are learning about you to make you a better at everything you are seeking.

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