Generating Income with Affiliate Marketing

I’ve been busy working on my business Actually for the past 4 years, focused on a range of communication design services like, graphic design, web design, user experience, user interface, and fun event marketing and communication projects.

But for a few years I have wanted to start blogging on my personal site sharing info about spirituality, personal and professional growth, love, yoga, parenting and entrepreneurship.

My goal was to whip up a nice looking website with some personal info about me and chip away at projects I’m working on outside of Actually. I thought it would be another way to get to know people virtually with an online presence that shared my past work history and all the projects I get involved in locally outside of my business. I also wanted to write and publish content to help others in their entrepreneurial journey while serving a few of my other goals outside of Actually.

I asked myself a couple questions a few months ago because I wanted to get started blogging:

  • How can I earn passive income to help me blog about topics I’m passionate about?
  • But what’s the financial benefit to blogging?
  • How can I earn money blogging?

All three questions were answered with an invite to an affiliate network by Freshbooks a few days later. I accepted the opportunity or maybe we shall call it a challenge! I thought, well I’m a Freshbooks user, why not?

Want to do affiliate marketing too?

So after the offer came through I had to apply to the affiliate network with ShareASale an affiliate network with pay-per-sale, pay-per-lead and pay-per-click programs for people who run websites. I was so amazed at how many other affiliate merchants were out there! Over 4000 affiliate programs, many merchants I had experienced personally with online shopping or services. 

Since I operate a personal blog and a professional blog with everything to do with design, art, communications, marketing, design, and business, I’m a candidate for affiliate marketing programs to write content on the topics I’m passionate about. I’ve also decided to only vouch for products I’ve used in some capacity. Why? I wrote another article sharing The Top 5 Reasons to Be An Affiliate Marketer.

P.S. This isn’t a ploy to sign up for stuff you don’t use, don’t want, or don’t need. What’s the most obvious benefit of affiliate marketing? You promote the products and services you like, while earning a profit with a flat rate payout or percentage on sales of the product or service you’re promoting and like. You vouch for them, a sale is made, and there’s a kickback reward for your word of mouth advertising!

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