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A few years ago in 2012 I took a really sweet trip up the coast of California. We flew to Las Vegas, rented a car (convertible), and drove to San Francisco over two weeks.

In my research on the drive from LA to San Francisco it was recommended to not make the journey in one day, totally possible, but recommended to stop and take in the many sights. We drove the distance over two days, and it wasn’t enough time, probably could have been another week! We stopped in Morrow Bay, which I was quite fond of. Cutest little town with a giant rock in the ocean and I have photos of me standing with it in a distance and a super old postcard I picked up at an antique shop titled Morrow Rock.

San Francisco was a highlighted destination. I wanted to spend lots of time there so we had to rush to that spot to take in many of the sights before an extended layover in Vancouver.

One of the most cherished events from my time in San Fran was visiting SFMomo, with the funkiest gift shop. But I’d say even more cherished was snapping a photo of myself with the Painted Ladies, the colourful victorian homes by the dog park Alamo Square. I grew up watching Full House! It was one of my favourite shows and I watched re-runs after after school for years. And a whole new generation of it with the sequel, Fuller House. Well while we were there taking photos of the victorian homes I was surprised to discover that Alamo Square is a beautiful dog park!

Photo of the Full House house! My life is complete. :p

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So as I mentioned I was opened up to this whole dog park culture which isn’t much of a thing here in Barrie, Ontario, Canada (wish it was). I mean I’ve been to the parks but not like a community of people hanging out there, waiting for doggie owners to meet up with other owners, and pets to meet their friends. It was so cute!

Got me thinking about the whole pet culture thing and I discovered this super awesome site DogVacay, which I so happened to sign up to. Love dogs sooo much but right now not wanting the full commitment of a dog so this just made my day (and summer) to have the pleasure of walking pups! Check it out. That link will earn ya $20 dollars off your first registration.

So if you’re looking for a pet sitter in a cozy home, while you’re away, whether at work or travelling for work, you can browse sitters to walk your pet, visit DogVacay. You can find a sitter to board for a day or more, daycare, house sitting and even dog walking in top cities like Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Seattle and San Diego, plus more… oh and Barrie of course!

So why not board your dog in a real home? First-time customers save $20 here with this link as long as a sitter is available in your home town.


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