Generating Income with Affiliate Marketing

I’ve been busy working on my business Actually for the past 4 years, focused on a range of communication design services like, graphic design, web design, user experience, user interface, and fun event marketing and communication projects.

But for a few years I have wanted to start blogging on my personal site sharing info about spirituality, personal and professional growth, love, yoga, parenting and entrepreneurship.

My goal was to whip up a nice looking website with some personal info about me and chip away at projects I’m working on outside of Actually. I thought it would be another way to get to know people virtually with an online presence that shared my past work history and all the projects I get involved in locally outside of my business. I also wanted to write and publish content to help others in their entrepreneurial journey while serving a few of my other goals outside of Actually.

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Kundalini Yoga

In 2011 I felt the urge to begin a yoga practice. The first thing I did was look for books. I did a lot of research on yoga, to discover there are several types of yoga, Hatha, Power, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Tantric, Bikram, and Yin. Is there more? Probably. I decided that I was interested in yoga for the apparent healing advantages and also for fitness. To be honest, I’m not sure what drew me to trying yoga. I didn’t know anyone who practiced it and it was a totally new thing for me. I found some books and decided that based on the descriptions Kundalini yoga and Power or Vinyasa yoga was to be my new learning challenge. So I watched a lot of videos and chose a style basically on the fluidness of the teacher, and if they had a soothing voice to them I chose Vinyasa Power Yoga. I ended up going with a 21 Day Yoga Challenge on DailyOM by Sadie Nardini. It’s pretty great and she’s written a book since.

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Coast of California

A few years ago in 2012 I took a really sweet trip up the coast of California. We flew to Las Vegas, rented a car (convertible), and drove to San Francisco over two weeks.

In my research on the drive from LA to San Francisco it was recommended to not make the journey in one day, totally possible, but recommended to stop and take in the many sights. We drove the distance over two days, and it wasn’t enough time, probably could have been another week! We stopped in Morrow Bay, which I was quite fond of. Cutest little town with a giant rock in the ocean and I have photos of me standing with it in a distance and a super old postcard I picked up at an antique shop titled Morrow Rock.

San Francisco was a highlighted destination. I wanted to spend lots of time there so we had to rush to that spot to take in many of the sights before an extended layover in Vancouver.

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My Happiness Goals

  1. Trust in life. Go with the flow, but be resilient. Trust that the universe is clearing the way for me when the time is right.
  2. Eat well. Sleep well. I am learning to nourish myself with spiritual food and believe I am satisfied and free.
  3. Evoke change and welcome the change.
  4. Love and accept myself as I am and where I am right now.

Share your happiness goals with me!