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Hi there! I’m Christine Whone.
christine whone

I’m Actually‘s Communication Designer, a Chapter Lead for Canada Learning Code, a sessional teacher at Ryerson University’s Chang School, Community Builder with Startup Barrie, and most recently became a practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming, certified by the Association for Integrative Psychology.

I love Barrie and I am so grateful to the community, nature, waterfront, the local shops, amenities, and the friendly people here. The Early Days

My last name is pronounced like ‘phone’ but with a ‘w’. I grew up in Sudbury, Ontario, and moved to North Bay in the late 90s with my family, and relocated back to Sudbury in 2000 to take Graphic Design at Cambrian College. I hold a Degree in Communication Studies from Laurentian University and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Web Design and Development from Georgian College. I now live in Barrie and have been since 2005. I consider Barrie home! Sorry, Sudbury. 😛

I’ve worked a variety of jobs: Sandwich Maker at Subway, Student Web Designer at the Ministry of Natural Development and Mines, Tree Planter for the City of Sudbury Land Reclamation program, Junior Ontario Ranger in the Ontario Ranger Program, Housekeeper at a TravelLodge hotel, Sales Associate at Ardene (twice!), Decor Sales Consultant at Home Depot, and a Poll Clerk for a Federal election.

I encourage you to visit Actually’s website and read the next stage of my life, where I venture into the world of graphic and web design wrapped up in entrepreneurship, calling it Communication Design. You can also view my full professional and academic experience on LinkedIn.

I have a daughter named Ruby, and she has forever changed my life. You’re probably thinking, well duh!? But really, she’s taught me so much.

Ruby has taught me to trust life. There’s way too much opportunity to worry about every little thing in life, and if you learn to trust the process in everything, you will begin to see the serendipity of things, and then see that life isn’t meant to be a struggle. Believing in synchronicity in life will prove that you can trust the flow of things, that there is a purpose to it all.

She was born at our Barrie home with midwives. We successfully had a home birth and are in deep gratitude for the opportunity.

Happiness is a Habit. Cultivate it.

I walk outside and I am so happy with the beauty of life that I want to scream words of joy. I wake up thankful for everything in my life, I sometimes want to collapse to my knees and burst into tears. Sometimes I just want to sing songs that make me happy. Sometimes I just laugh, alone, because sometimes the irony in life just requires laughter. If we pass each other on the street and you see me doing that stuff, don’t be surprised. These days I’m in the business of creating happiness and cultivating it.

I’m on a path of consciousness, and if you think that’s weird, that’s okay, I respect your opinion. Regardless I’m on a path to motivate and inspire myself (and others along the way) to love themselves and be the best version of myself (yourself!).

With that all said, my purpose is to inspire others and teach love. To find the beauty in the ordinary, love and accept me (and you), respect for the other person’s model of the world, and to live a healthy, happy, and vibrant life. If you’re looking for a coach to help you define skills and techniques to eliminate unwanted aspects of your life, increasing your ability to live a life of optimism, joy, happiness, and success, contact me.

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