20 Elements of a Right Decision

I thought you’d like this.

It’s the recipe for making a right decision. It’s how to believe in something and have it transpire in life. AND it’s easy!

  1. You are optimistic.
  2. You don’t indulge in wishful thinking.
  3. You are not obsessively worrying about what can go wrong.
  4. You can weigh the risks without undue fear.
  5. You aren’t blaming anyone for past mistakes.
  6. You don’t feel the need to ask for repeated reassurance.
  7. You want the group to do what is best for everyone.
  8. You assess criticism with detachment and fairness.
  9. You decide to take reasonable risks.
  10. You trust that there is always a solution waiting to present itself.
  11. You encourage independent thinking.
  12. You don’t obsess over minute details.
  13. You listen to the broadest range of people.
  14. You realize the best way to go is unique to each situation.
  15. You offer honest judgements without being brutal.
  16. You focus without distraction.
  17. You praise fully when someone gives positive feedback.
  18. You set down reasonable rules that cause minimal constraint.
  19. You are modest about your authority, you make no one feel small.
  20. You participate from genuine enthusiasm.

If all or most of these elements are present, your decision making is highly conscious – you are tuned in. If few of these elements are present, your decision making is meeting with blocks and resistance. Until you become clearer inside your choices will be clouded to be reliable.

(Here’s the answer on how to believe in something… a decision, and how to know you’re making the right decision.)

If an environment seems to not be good or ideal, postpone making a decision, until you have found the place inside you that is clear, coherent, calm and self aware. When the conditions “in here” are settled and clear (in here = inside you + inside your mind) the results “out there” naturally follow suit.

This is an excerpt from the book “The Soul of Leadership” by one of my favourite authors Deepak Chopra.

I had been recently asking myself, how do I know these are the right decisions… I wish someone would just tell me?!?! And I read this days after! So now that “someone” is within me! yay!

Please share with anyone you think it would be helpful to.

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